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i fucking hate that my dad decided to have a psychotic breakdown on us and now we have to take a hiatus from going to his house… because i love that house and i love my room and my bed and my things there.. i love being there when he’s not being mean to us. this whole excommunication from him in my last three weeks means never getting to sleep with jonah in my bed before i leave. it means no going away party for myself like i was planning and so excited for. it means no more use of my bong, or lying on the roof in the evenings… it means no more relationship with my dad. it means i have to go there and move aaalllll of my things out and not look back and that is breaking my already broken heart so much more. i hate that this happened. i fucking hate it. i hate him. there are already so many changes happening in my life that my head is constantly spinning and now this is one more huuuuge change piled on top. why did this have to happen now of all times? everything about my life right now is so unstable. how much worse can it get before i have to leave it all behind?

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I don’t know how I feel about this but w/e

Is that the iphone6

Tamarind fruits to be

alright melatonin dont let me down again tonight. i need sleep without fever dreams please

July 30th, 2014 // 6 notes
Within this vast universe, we were the two wandering stars that collided. Awakened Vibrations 

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